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Welcome! has been set up by the Computer and Automation Research Institute (SZTAKI) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA). It is intended to introduce you the SZTAKI Desktop Grid. With SZTAKI Desktop Grid you can easily gain significant processing power for all of your computing intensive applications. Desktop grids allow vast number of single PCs to be connected in a grid-like system, adding up their processing power. Desktop grid systems are currently serving several cutting edge research areas, like cancer- research or searching for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Whether you are a delegate of an academic or a commercial institute, please read on and you will soon familiarize yourself with SZTAKI Desktop Grid and you will also get to know:
  • How to easily set up and maintain your own desktop grid
  • How to easily develop applications to be run on the desktop grid

On the pages of you will get yourself familiar with the two distinguished use of the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) software platform, described herein:
  • SZTAKI Desktop Grid is basically a BOINC server packed in a Debian® package, to make server deployment as easy as possible. The SZTAKI Desktop Grid package is the main software component of a public, worldwide accessible desktop grid system. To effectively aid massive number of participants an extensive website component is part of this package.

  • Local SZTAKI Desktop Grid is also a BOINC server packed in a Debian® package, that focuses on local applications - like companies or university departments - providing them the flexibility of a desktop grid in a safe environment. In a local environment a system administrator supervises the server as well as the clients. The Local SZTAKI Desktop Grid package is a BOINC server without the public web interface, to be deployed in a local environment. Multiple Local SZTAKI Desktop Grids can be connected to cooperate in a hierarchy of desktop grids. For more information on the hierarchy topic, please contact the Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems.
To support application development SZTAKI Desktop Grid also provides the Distributed Computing application programming interface (DC-API). More details of the API can be found on the application development pages.

The Debian® packages needed for server deployment and application development can be downloaded at the download section of this website.

A desktop grid can successfully serve academic and enterprise needs for a low cost, reliable, secure and easily maintainable grid system.

For academic applications we recommend to continue to the academic section.

For enterprise applications we recommend to continue to the enterprise section.

If you are an individual willing to offer your PCs' to participate in leading research tasks, jump to the homepage of BOINC projects. Also check out SZTAKI Desktop Grid a Hungarian initiate of a public desktopgrid project.