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Connecting BOINC clients to the server

The job of the BOINC core client application - which is available for several platforms, like windows and linux - is to download workunits from a BOINC server, process them and return the resutls to the server. The more client is attached to a BOINC server, the more powerful the project gets.

Downloading the application

The BOINC core client application can be downloaded from here.

Installing the application on windows platform

Execute the downloaded setup program and follow the on screen instructions.

Installing the application on linux platform

Execute the downloaded package. This will create a directory named 'BOINC', where you can find the client application.

Connecting the core client application to the server

Windows platform

Execute the BOINC core client application. The 'Attach to project wizzard' will pop up and aid you through the attaching procedure. When promted, provide the url of your BOINC server, like this example: After the wizzard has found your server, you can create a new user after which you've successfully attached your client to the server.

Linux platform

In a linux environment you can use a graphical interface, by executing the run_manager command and follow the instructions provided in the Windows platform section. As another option you can use the BOINC core client as a command line application. Execute the boinc_cmd application with the '--help' argument to get a list of the available command line options.