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Get to know in 3 easy steps
Familiarizing yourself with SZTAKI Desktop Grid has never been easier. Just follow these easy steps.
  1. Discover the hidden powers of your own PC and get to know how does a desktopgrid operate from the view of the PC, by offering your PC to SZTAKI Desktop Grid. Don't be afraid of your PC will be slowed by joining SZTAKI Desktop Grid. If you have a PC with a current processor, we are sure that you won't recognize any slowing by every day office use. In case you do, than you can still freely configure the participation policy anytime.
    All you have to do is follow this link download/install a little software and register yourself in SZTAKI Desktop Grid.
  2. We are happy to provide you professional help in developing a distributed application. You gather the available PCs of your institute, while we provide the server for your dedicated desktopgrid. This way you can easily have your own application running on SZTAKI Desktop Grid without any hassle.
  3. After you have familiarized yourself with the desktopgrid, the staff of SZTAKI Desktop Grid would be happy to help you deploy a dedicated desktopgrid server for your company.

    Jump to the Install your dedicated server section and we'll fill you in with the details.
And...that's it! Now, wasn't that easy?!?